Sustainable farming

Sachaflor is constantly searching for sustainable production formulas to grow exceptional roses.

We ensure compliance with environmental standards through these actions:

  •  Strict control over waste disposal to reduce environmental impact.
  • Water resource conservation through efficient irrigation systems and recycling.
  • Soil resource conservation trough responsible and organic fertilization.
  • Active Zero Carbon Footprint program.

Give back to nature

Sachaflor was founded by a family group with more than 100 years of agricultural tradition. We know that our decisions affect future generations, so we actively care for our environment.

Part of our commitment and heritage is to support the Ilinizas Ecological Reserve which preserves primary forests and natural habitats of endemic species, in the highlands of the Corazón Volcano.

Our roses are produced under fair and safe labor conditions.

We contribute to the development of more than 100 Ecuadorian families where men and women ensure their personal and professional growth.

Family values, gender equality and healthy habits prevail at Sachaflor.


Our Sachaflor family

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