18 января, 2024

Sachaflor Trend Review-Essentials

Sachaflor invites you to experience an XL bouquet in Essential Colors, offering a harmonious blend of versatile and seasonless hues. Shift the gifting experience with warmth, […]
13 ноября, 2023

Fall Recap and Christmas

Let’s spice up this holiday season with a modern twist to create the perfect Christmas vibe! This end of the year, it’s all about metallic and […]
6 сентября, 2023

Shades of pink

Pink, traditionally associated with femininity, is experiencing a profound resurgence this year, not only due to the ever-popular Barbiecor trend, but also emerging as a dominant […]
13 июля, 2023

Sustainable farming of exceptional roses

Sachaflor is constantly searching for sustainable production formulas to grow exceptional roses. «THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO CREATE IT» — Peter Drucker. […]
29 мая, 2023

Discover the new Sachaflor Essentials

Discover the new Sachaflor Essentials, shades of white and ivory are time-less essential colors to complement other colors or create room for them. Well-chosen neutral colors […]