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Sachaflor es una finca productora y exportadora de rosas en Ecuador.
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About us

As painting and dance, roses are art, their purpose is to communicate and transmit beauty,
they intend to express emotions and ideas.

Our History

Sachaflor is a family-owned company, founded in 2007, with the purpose of creating the best roses at 3,100 meters above sea level.

Our brand Sachaflor ® comes from the Quechua word “Sacha”, which means mountain, “ flowers of the mountain”. Our greenhouses stand at the base of the volcano “Corazón where we get the sun luminosity that allows us to create roses with intense colors which will astound your senses.

Each of our varieties have been carefully selected to satisfy the most demanding tastes around the world. We plant, harvest and process our roses under strict quality parameters and have the best professional team to achieve an exceptional rose. 

Our Team

In our farm Sachaflor we work constantly to ensure a fair and responsible work environment for our team.

Under the standards of the social-environmental certification Flor Ecuador® the hands of our artisans work tirelessly to create the perfect rose.

At Sachaflor we transform the concept of sustainability into a tangible reality for our people, our business and our environment.